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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Ecole CEAL teaches kids and young adults with learning impediments in the city of Leogane, Haiti.

Impairments range from hearing, speech, physical, special needs, to learning. We also have classes for adults who have difficulty reading and writing.

We thrive to improve the lives in the community, through education and the learning of trades. Our staff uses sign language, and other visual aids to educate and communicate.


  • ·Safe Environment

  • We are fully aware that our kids need extra care and attention; therefore, our priority is to provide them with a secure environment where they feel safe and loved. All our staff is kind and generous and treat the kids like they are their own.

  • ·Empowerment

  • Our younger generation is the future of our community, and we strive to empower them. We are working on providing our students with adequate skills and knowledge to stand on their feet and enter the professional world.

  • ·Integrity

  • We do all our work with honesty and honor; that is how we have achieved a sound reputation. Our donors and our students' parents can fully trust us that we will do justice with them. Being in this field for almost ten years, we have successfully maintained integrity, and we always will.


We help our students by offering:

  • Educational Activities: We teach our students how to read and write so that there are no barriers to their education. Different educational activities are held that meet their special needs and motivates them.

  • Vocational Activities: Ecole C.E.A.L will build new facilities to house our vocational training programs for young adults. We will offer different programs and coursework in various fields that will equip them for professional life. Those programs are listed below.

  • Nutrition: We offer meals that are rich in healthy ingredients and vitamins so that our students get their essential nutrients.

  • Adult Classes: The adults who have difficulty with reading and writing also benefit from our services. We work to improve people's lives with special needs in our community through educational, nutritional, and vocational training. All our staff uses sign languages, visual aids, and other effective techniques to educate and communicate with our students.

Electrical and Electronics

We have designed specific courses and classes to help our students achieve adequate skills and knowledge to work in the electrical field or become electricians. Our programs will be based on different topics like fundamentals of electricity and its basic units, local electrical codes, safety measures. We will also provide various courses and each course will ensure to cover the following aspects:


Our sewing courses cover a wide range of topics that can help our students become designers or a tailor/seamstress. Everything is included in our Sewing program, from the basics of sewing to the advanced designing and cutting methods.


Our program will cover the following things:

  • Pattern Drafting and designing

  • Cutting and construction of fabrics

  • Various kinds of Embroidery and application of embellishments

  • Crochet and Hand-stitching

  • Fabric care

  • Computer-aided designing

  • How to take body measurements correctly and using different tools

  • Alteration and Serging


Since the houses here are often made with concrete or cinder blocks to sustain against flooding, storms, and hurricanes, masonry is a well-known trade in Haiti that generates a great profit. Most of our business depends on masonry; that’s why we have added this to our program as well.


Our program will teach the following about masonry:

  • Basics of masonry practices and their effective techniques

  • Local Regulation for safely building and maintaining stone, concrete, roofing, and window structures

  • Hands-on experience and technical knowledge


Basic Computer Classes

No matter what profession our students pursue, it is not complete without the knowledge of technology. Therefore, we have developed programs that will teach students the fundamentals of computing and how to use technology and different hardware. Our courses will cover the following things:

  • Components of Computer

  • Operating systems and other functionalities of a system

  • Hardware and Software

  • Word Processors

  • Typing

  • Spreadsheets


At Ecole C.E.A.L., we also have baking courses to let our students learn some fun skills. Our program will cover all the aspects of baking that include:


  • Correct use of ingredients and equipment

  • Artistic plating of everything

  • How to use their creativity to innovate new ways

  • Presentation skills and much more

We will teach aspiring pastry chefs to create visually appealing desserts with their creativity to let their customers feast with their eyes even before they take a bite from them. It will help them get a job at different restaurants or bakeries and start their own business too with their skills or even make meals at home for their families.


Shadow on Concrete Wall




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Ecole is a 501 (c) (3) organiztion. Your donation is tax deductible.

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